Insurance Coverage on Packages

Our Insurance Coverage


To mitigate the effects of unforeseen or uncertain losses and damages in respect to the importation of items using the services of CSF Couriers Limited, we extend to you a standard insurance coverage. The Standard Insurance covers eligible items for air shipments, by default, with certain exceptions and circumstances, which is explained in our terms of service. Your CSF Invoice will automatically be billed Insurance charge of one percent (1%) based on the stated value of the Supplier's Invoice for items being imported into Trinidad. In the absence of the Supplier's Invoice, the description value applied by Customs and Excise. The Standard Insurance covers a maximum value of up to USD2000.00. 

Standard coverage applies to eligible items as described, with the exception of (i) any item exceeding the limit of 50 pounds (volumetric or actual weight); (ii) perishable and all fragile/breakable items; (iii) any single supplier's invoice not exceeding the value of USD2000.00.



Television / Monitors / Displays Insurance


All televisions inclusive of monitors or displays being shipped, must be accompanied by the supplier's invoice upon shipping to Trinidad. This is to ensure that the proper insurance coverage is secured for the item. The insurance calculation for such is 10% of the value of the item or any part thereof.


For example, if the item is valued at USD1250.00 the insurance will be calculated based on the value of US$1300.00. The insurance charge will therefore be calculated at USD130.00 and this value will be billed to your freight invoice.


Note: When CSF ships a Television to Trinidad upon arrival at the Warehouse, checks will be made to ensure that the item is in Good Condition. This will cause a delay in delivery of 2 working days before it is delivered. CSF may designate one standard day for the delivery of all televisions, which can include a Saturday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.



Insurance for packages 50 Pounds and over


Any one package, which weighs fifty (50) pounds and over (actual or volumetric) being shipped via air, must be accompanied by the supplier shipping invoice before it is shipped out to Trinidad. An insurance fee of 10% of the value on the supplier invoice for the item or any part thereof, will be applied to your CSF Freight Invoice upon arrival.


For Example: if the item is valued at US$250.00, the insurance will be calculated based on the value of US$300.00 and the insurance fee will be applied at the value US$30.00 to your CSF Freight Invoice.


If your package/s arrives without a Supplier Invoice, the primary account holder will be contacted via email to request invoices for packages that requires an invoice, and the customer shall submit within 3 working days at most of the date request was sent. Packages will only be retained at our warehouse for a period 15 days at no additional storage costs. If no invoice is submitted, CSF will apply a value based on market-value and ship to Trinidad. The Insurance fee will be billed on arrival on your CSF Freight invoice.